The Rite of Passage Experience:

The Rite of Passage Experience (ROPE Program) is capped at 20 participants with a minimum of 10.

The group size is small enough for collective growth but also large enough for groups to be allocated and for team building/leadership activities to occur.

The outdoor environment and flow of the program transitions the participants from an introductory phase, into a challenge phase and finally out into the emergence phase. We get them as caterpillars – they come out as butterflies.

A typical program consists of numerous outdoor adventure activities like rock climbing, abseiling, navigation exercises, an overnight canoe expedition, team building activities, mountain biking and river hiking.

Each participant will receive a momento of their journey, allowing them to reflect upon their achievements well into their young adult lives.

WET provides everything you need for the program except a sleeping bag, pillow, clothes and toiletries. An advisory list on what to bring is included in your welcome pack on registering.

3 Day Program

$ 600
Per Person
  • 3 Days
  • 2 Nights

5 Day Program

$ 900
Per Person
  • 5 Days
  • 4 Nights